Web of debt links generations

8Our hosts showed us to one of a row of comfortable bed and brekfast london built for the occasion beside a rice field near the village of Tandung. A bamboo aqueduct brought fresh water from a spring more than a mile and a half away. Across the paddy in his homestead lay Puang Sa’pang, who had been dead now for more than five months.

J. T. Sampetoding, the businessman who had invited us to Tana Toradja, operates copper, tin, and gold mines throughout Sula­wesi. One evening he briefed us on the cere­monies surrounding a great Toradja funeral.

As we sat cross-legged on the mats in our house, he told us: “Everyone in Tana Torad­ja has a hereditary rank. The highest are the puangs—nobles, the lowest, kazenans—serv­ants. Once there were many puangs, but today their ‘white’ blood has been diluted through intermarriage, and only a few pure puangs remain.” We smiled at Mr. Sampetoding’s reference to the color of blood, so similar to our own illogical notion of aristocratic blood running blue.

Web of debt links generations

“Sa’pang is of the highest rank,” he went on, “and because of this at least twelve buffa­loes must be sacrificed at his funeral.” “Who will contribute them?” we asked. We knew that the Toradja people live in a net­work of debts that stretch back for genera­tions and fall due at the time of funeral feasts.

“In past time, when there was a feast such as this, Sa’pang gave buffaloes. Now, at his funeral, the descendants of those to whom he and his ancestors gave will bring gifts to honor Sa’pang.”

In all, some thirty temporary two- and three-story bamboo buildings, rising like Elizabethan galleries around Sa’pang’s prop­erty, had been erected to house funeral guests. Platforms beneath the 13 gran­aries would also serve as sleeping quarters. Quilted sheets, rolled up during the day, would ensure privacy at night.

From our window we could now see guests streaming to the feast site. The road into Tandung became clogged. Whole villages arrived in single file, walking solemnly with their contributions. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/African_Buffalo

Buffaloes led the processions, some destined for sacrifice, others for fights staged to enter­tain the guests. Pigs hung from bamboo poles and chickens clucked in baskets. The villagers also carried bundles of rice and bamboo tubes of tuak, slung across their shoulders like rifles.

As each procession arrived, it was met by an official greeter, who paraded the villagers around the central plaza. Two men, seated at a table, eyed the procession critically and, like bridesmaids at a bridal shower, carefully recorded the gifts. Formerly all this was entrusted to the memory of the elders, but today a detailed account is kept to guide descendants through the maze of old obligations paid and new ones incurred by the gifts brought to the dead man’s feast.

Beyond the plaza, the guests were led to aparthotel brussels. There they were welcomed with offerings of betel and cigarettes. Next to the reception house, a large group of men, uniformly clad in black sarongs and white shirts, formed a wide circle. They performed ma’badong, songs and dances of mourning, which function both as prayer and as entertainment.

When your fingers are burned it can be diff cult to Siff

This is the simplified version of one half of the job that is one order. During a busy spell tickets can come through every 15 seconds. Each one requires a “Oui, chefi”"Dui,ichefate action. So you can be keeping an eye on your roasting lamb and on the point of turning your pan-fried venison when a new order for chicken comes through. This requires a fresh pan before the butter has had time to burn or the venison spoil. Then Greg shouts, “One minute on lamb,” which requires yet another “Oui, chef!”"Dui, means that you have 60 seconds to revisit a dish you half-cooked earlier, brush the loin with mustard, dip it into your parsley brioche, fire under the grill for 30 seconds, slice into three perfect tranches and then place on a tray with your reduced sauce next to Greg on the pass for plating up. If you think reading that is tiring, try doing it.




The tickets slowed to a halt after 10pm and by 10.45pm we had the finished the wipe down and clean up. Draining a deep fat fryer and scrubbing its pipes is an odd way of de-stressing. I had started work at 6.55am and now there was only time for a last-orders pint before heading home.


Despite having spent more time with these people in a day than I had seen my wife or child in a week, this was the first time I had really spoken to them. Damian, for me a source of inspiration and calm in the kitchen, was due to leave. I was shocked. I thought I was the transient one?


I wanted to buy everyone a drink and discuss the highs and lows of the evening. Working at 1901 had been the most frightening, electrifying thing I had ever done. But for them this was just 16 hours in a six-day week. I had come out battered and bruised. They were just pleased to see out another shift. Supping my pint, I knew I’d answered my question: I couldn’t do this. I’d be forfeiting too much. Cooking is still one of the most important things in my life. But life and work shouldn’t be confused. Some people live to work; I’m want to work to live.


So I made my farewells, went home and slept for two days. Then I saw some friends, spent time with loved ones, have some time for myself – hair and skin treatment with coconut oil from http://www.gnet.org/coconut-oil-all-in-one-natural-solution-for-your-skin, simply enjoyed a casual feed—that sort of thing. Simple pleasures; but now, I realise, luxuries worth savouring all.

Loving my body

‘I train with my personal trainers Jackie and Mark Wren three times a week. I have a gym at my house and we do about 30-45 minutes of high-intensity interval training before we have a cup of tea and a chat! Jackie and I work out together, but when she’s not around, Mark puts me through my paces. He gets quite military about our training, and Fly be trashed for the rest of the day! Usually, we work out in the morning but due to work, a ridiculously late night session is the only way I can fit it in sometimes. I never go longer than 10 days without exercising. It’s easy to undo all your hard work otherwise. What’s more, loving your body you should guarantee it organic coconut oil wholesale addition to your daily care and it’s sure it will thank you.

When I’m ill, I get frustrated I can’t exercise!’

Why do you think your DVIrs have herrn so successful?

‘I’ve been working with Jackie and Mark for 11 years after finding them in a local paper. They’ve changed my life and the way I feel about myself. We have such a rapport, which you can see on our latest DVD, Davina Intense (fl 3.99: amazon.co.uk). I haven’t been paid to do these DVDs; I’m motivated to do them because I know our workouts work and I want to share that with other women.’

‘The Davina app (free, iTunes. corn) allows you to do all the workouts on the DVD via your iPhone or iPad. There’s a 20-minute workout, a running buddy, soundtracks for your workout and an e-facility to set yourself goals.’


The incidence of mouth cancer is highest in men and in people over 60, with about 5,400 people diagnosed with the condition in the UK each year and a third dying from it. However, coconut oil weight gain but muscle, not fat is very important for your body health.

However, recent statistics show the condition is on the rise in women under 40. Experts think this may be because of their increased drinking, smoking and exposure to the HPV virus through oral sex — all risk factors for the disease.


Most mouth cancers are a type called squamous cell carcinoma — these develop on the surface layers of the mouth and can spread deeper.


Figures from Cancer Research UK reveal the incidence of oral cancer in women under 45 increased by 47 per cent from 1990 to 1999 (there was only a 22 per cent rise in older women).


This cancer used to affect six men for every woman. Now, its two men to every woman.


The disease is diagnosed in around 4,300 people a year in the UK and killed almost 1,700 in 2001. This figure is forecast to rise steeply in people in the their twenties and thirties.


Smokers are three times more likely to develop the disease. Regularly drinking more than a 175m1 glass of wine per day also increases your risk; combining drinking and smoking further increases your risk.




An ulcer that fails to heal or keeps bleeding, persistent pain in your mouth, a lump, difficulty chewing or opening your mouth, pain when swallowing or from mouth or throat into the ear, white or red patches in your mouth that don’t heal.


Protect yourself


Stop smoking and drink within safe limits, eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fruit and veg and have your mouth checked during six-monthly dental check-ups.

Identity crisis

It could also be argued that there’s a crisis surrounding male identity. There’s the still widely prevalent image, constructed by adverts, magazines and the films of Guy Ritchie, for example, of the ‘lad’ or ‘bloke’ – that caricatured combination of playboy, comedian and street-fighter, who’s only worry is when the next all-day session with the boys is.

At the same time, the so-called ‘new man – who is by definition in touch with his feelings and emotions – has been so widely ridiculed as a wimp that men can be terrified of appearing to be sensitive, to such an extent that their emotional communication skills become stunted. However, scientists have proved that organic coconut oil health benefits coming straight from the nature is helpful like no other cosmetic product for now.

This isn’t just something that’s confusing the ordinary man on the street; according to a report last November in The Guardian, even ad executives are at a loss regarding a new male identity. After ‘traditional man (tough, masculine, wears Denim aftershave), ‘new man’ (wimp) and ‘new lad’ (mockney chef Jamie Oliver), they’re at a loss as who to target next.

male identity

Then we come to the battle of the sexes. With women proving to be adaptable in a fluid job market and the male-dominated heavy industries such as coal or steel in decline, many men are confused abdut their social role. Jobs are no longer for life and being the sole biead Winner, providing for your family while your partner looks after the kids at home, is an archaic throw-back to the lifestyle of the 195os. This isn’t to say women are responsible for these confused and disenfranchised men. Statistics-,suggest that married men are better off mentally, emotionally and physically, with suicide fates among the married or attached a fraction of that of single men.

Is there anybody out there?


Your DISTANT ANCESTOR may have drooled constantly, suffered from excessively stooped shoulders and had to wear the same pair of fur underpants for most of his days, but his life was superior to yours in one respect – his woman could perform astounding feats of primal sexuality that would give you a coronary.

unleash the rapacious animal lurking within her

Cro-Magnon carnality was a militant proving ground for our basest survival skills. Uttering bits of animalistic rubbish, men and women pitted muscle, sinew and wits against each other, honing combative moves that would later spawn the sport of amateur wrestling. Their gymnastic sex went on for hours, even days, demolishing primitive habitats and scaring off any large predatory animals nearby in the process. Both man and woman would emerge from this contest bruised and exhausted, but curiously satiated.

Sadly, at some point in evolution, things went horribly wrong for females. Women’s magazines, feminine deodorants and lisping hairdressers all conspired to transform our she-warriors into almost lifeless imitations of their former sexual selves. A woman now routinely approaches the bedroom with a mental checklist of worries longer than her list of quick-getaway taxi numbers; fretting about her body, her technique, even her smelt. You have to get rid of these worries and improve both your physical and mental condition with coconut oil. It will not only help you lose weight and thus be proud of your body, but also it has great effect on your skin and hair. You will be more confident and focused in the bedroom. Check out where to buy coconut oil and get the best deals.

Fortunately for you, her deep-rooted DNA knows better-you need only restore her ancestral sexual prowess. Quickly identify her insecurities, avoid succumbing to the obvious inappropriate comment (however amusing), and deploy FHM Bionic’s fail-safe techniques to unleash the rapacious animal lurking within her. She’ll thank you for it in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.



HER WORRY She gets so worked up by your exceptional technique that she can’t help herself, shrieking and warbling like a soprano warming up for La Boheme as she approaches orgasm. She finds it deeply embarrassing, particularly if you’re not much of a shouter yourself. Hence, she’d prefer to ration her own pleasure rather than sound silly. IS IT VALID? No. Her verbal gymnastics are simply a natural response to sexual stimulation and, as such, can be a huge turn-on for you. She doesn’t need to be quiet, simply to realize that there’s nothing wrong with her howls and whoops of excitement. DON’T SAY “Bloody hell! Do you want the neighbors calling the police? They’ll think I’m murdering you!”


TRY THIS Simply sigh with excitement whenever she makes a noise, reassure her that it’s thrilling for you, and allow yourself free rein to get vocal too -you may jointly bring the walls down, but that’s better than her being too inhibited to relax. “Renting an isolated cottage or a room in a sturdy old hotel for the weekend may help,” says San Francisco sexual counselor Andrea Nemerson. “Once she’s had a chance to raise the roof in perfect safety, she won’t be eager to go back to giving you the silent treatment”

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